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" A long-time composer myself, I hired Ms. Spangler to guide me through a contract negotiation with a theatre company who had commissioned a new musical – a process they had never experienced before. Putting it mildly, without Cassandra's professional expertise, breadth of knowledge, good nature, and extreme attention to detail, I'm sure a tricky negotiation would have otherwise been a complete nightmare. If you engage her services, you may be certain you will thank your lucky stars a thousand times over – just as I did."

- David Maddux

"Cassandra is an excellent and very professional attorney who goes above and beyond for her clients! She is responsive and will provide in depth council on any legal details you do not fully understand. Highly recommend working with her for your music attorney needs!"

- Nicholas Nickle

"Cassandra is a top notch professional and we will be using her services again at TJMusicGroup. Her helpful insights and timeliness with completing our project was a true pleasure to experience. Looking forward to Round II!"

- Terry Fuller

"I highly recommend Cassandra Spangler as an entertainment attorney. She helped me tremendously through a difficult and stressful copyright and publishing situation and I am eternally grateful. I found her to be very informed, clear, generous, and definitely someone you want to have in your corner. I hope to be able to work with her again in the future -- and hopefully under less stressful circumstances -- but it was good to know even when things were tough, Cassandra was there!"


"Working with Cassandra was truly, truly a joy! Being a lawyer AND artist, she really understood and addressed my needs and concerns as an independent artist. Never once was I unclear about a contract that I was signing. Cass worked days, nights, and even holidays to ensure that each and every one of my business affairs were in order. I will recommend her to other artists until the end of time."

- TJ Evans(Billie Boss), Recording Artist

"I hired Cassandra to resolve a royalty dispute. She was very professional when dealing with the label and other parties involved, as well as responsive and helpful when addressing any of my queries. Highly recommended!"

- Giovanni Grazioli, Producer

"I highly recommend entertainment attorney Cassandra Spangler for her thorough knowledge of music law, her accessibility, and reasonable rates. She is my first go-to for all music related legal services. I can always rely on her contract drafting work to be prompt and consultation advice to be factually accurate and dependable. On several occasions, her foresight and experience has saved my music production company thousands of dollars by steering us away from bad contracts, and in turn, helped us better understand our own industry."

- Jonathan Mark Kuehling, Composer, Producer, & Recording Engineer

"I am sometimes based in the United Kingdom, but I always find communicating with Cassandra as if she is right next door to me. Cassandra acts on my emails and calls instantly. She is always ready to assist positively, with great enthusiasm in addressing clients’ needs, and makes me feel confident in pursuing my musical projects. Cassandra Spangler is fast, responsive, and precise. My lawyer for life."

- eLAY, recording artist and CEO of Bone Wax Records


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