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Cassandra Spangler, Esq. provides legal counsel and representation to:
  • Artists, emcees, rappers, DJs, producers, bands, performers, songwriters, and composers

  • Indie labels, production companies, and publishing companies

  • Artist managers and business managers

  • Promoters, booking agents, and venues

  • Producers, engineers, and studios

  • Websites

  • Other individuals and entities needing legal assistance with music-related matters

With legal aspects of the music industry, such as:
  • Drafting, review, and negotiation of contracts, including recording contracts, publishing contracts, production contracts, producer agreements, artist management contracts, intra-band agreements, performance contracts, development deals, and distribution deals

  • Copyright and trademark registration and maintenance

  • Record label formation

  • Licensing

  • Sample clearance

  • Business formation (LLC, corporation, partnership, etc.)

  • Intellectual property issues, including cease-and-desist letters, “takedown” notices, and confidentiality, work-for-hire, and non-compete agreements

  • Performing rights organization (ASCAP, BMI, etc.) and SoundExchange registration and management

  • Royalty disputes

  • Music career consultation

Cassandra Spangler, Esq. also coordinates with a network of industry professionals, including accountants, media consultants, and attorneys specializing in other practice areas to provide clients with a full range of services for every aspect of their musical careers.

Discounted rates are available for students and unsigned artists, and Cassandra Spangler, Esq. accepts mixtapes, demos, and EPKs and personally listens to and reviews each submission.

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